Phase 2- September Five Phases Framework K-12

Dear GLA Community, we are preparing for our September 8, 2020 School Restart.  We are at Stage 2 of the 5 Stages Framework for K-12 Education. Please see below information for the second stage we are entering.  Please familiarize yourself with the Government Website and GLA website will be updated continuously as well.

GLA COVID International Handbook

Five Stages Framework for K-12 Education

Stage 2: In-class learning, learning group requirements

Schools will enter Stage 2 in September 2020.

Learning Group Size

  • Elementary: 60
  • Middle: 60
  • Secondary: 120

Density Targets

  • Not applicable

Instruction Method

Full-time instruction for all students for the maximum instructional time possible within learning group limits.

Self-directed learning supports in-class instruction, if required.