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Monthly Newsletter, September

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  GLA Newsletter  


Hi everyone, September was a new starting month for GLA students after a long summer vacation.

Students started new semester, met new teachers, and new academic courses.

Grade 12 is added this semester, they are studying hard to prepare for graduation and college/university application.








We started a new semester on September 4th. It was a month that all the students were excited to prepare for the new semester with a new meaning.

The GLA school's new courses were perfect for  the students starting the new school year.

Our students are adapting well to this semester, which started in a new environment. Various subjects and activities gave students good energy.

I hope you will pay a lot of attention to the performance of the students in the future.







Learning new subjects:


(Daniel) Students entered grade 12 and began to learn new subjects that they had not learned before, which are economics and food.



In the first month, we learned about the basic concepts and principles, and economic ways of thinking.



We learned about kitchen safety and kithchen utensils. We did some research on famous chefs for presentation.

Recently students had a lab day, they baked themselves chocolate chip cookies.







(Dan) Cycling is a sport that is loved by many, it is easy to take up and there are numerous perks in cycling.

First and foremost, cycling is an aerobic sport that can strengthen our heart, blood vessels and lungs. A few hours beforehand I was provided with a notice that we would be attending a cycling exercise as a substitute for the absence of PE.

The first impression was positive, cycling was something I did when growing up and I believed it would be a good opportunity to get fit. The whole session itself was energetic and positive, the content of the session consisted of a variety of innovative cycling methods. We were encouraged to push our limits and at the same time have fun. At the end of the class the whole room was dripping with sweat, this was proof that everyone tried their hardest and I felt a large dose of satisfaction after the completion. Overall, I am grateful for this opportunity and I think I finally understand why people participate in such events.




On September 13, our school students went to play golf in PE class. There were friends who tried golf for the first time, but it was a good time to learn golf. Going out to the golf field with friends and exercising together was a good experience and memory.

Our school will have new PE classes every Tuesday and it will be an interesting PE class.





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